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Margaret Wood - Principal Consultant

Margaret  specialises in Women’s Development, Age and Gender Diversity, Influencing Skills, and Business Ideas.


She believes in supporting individuals to remain economically active for as long as they want or need and organisations to support and motivate them.

Through Change for the Better.

she also provides guidance to women during menopause transition to remain in or re-enter the workplace or set up their own businesses and for organisations to continue to optimise their talent and contribution to enable women to flourish in their working lives.

Since 2009 she has been facilitating Influencing Skills courses in both the public and private sectors.

George Boyer - Senior Consultant

George specialises in management consultancy, training and the development and implementation of management and personal development solutions.  

He has designed and delivered a wide variety of training events, his particular areas of expertise being leadership development and transformational change in the public sector.

With Margaret Wood he has been facilitating Influencing Skills programmes in the public & private sectors and, having had experience for some years as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of an NHS Acute Trust, he designed a module specifically for Influencing Boards of Directors.

VMG Associates brings together the talents of a number of training consultants who specialise in Women’s Development, Influencing Skills and Business Ideas. Our Change for the Better programme focuses on the issues facing women and organisation during menopause transition and beyond.