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Workshop 1 - Confidence Building    

      Being confident helps us to approach situations in a more relaxed and resourceful way. Self confidence can be learned and built on. Confident people inspire confidence in others. This workshop looks at the different forms that personal power takes and the extent to which people can be influenced. It explores the interpersonal skills that are needed in order for us to be taken seriously.

Workshop 2 - Building Resilience

Balancing the conflicting demands in a busy life presents significant challenges. Assertiveness is about building self respect while at the same time showing respect to others. This workshop looks at healthy ways of dealing with stress and overcoming nerves and how, by taking an assertive approach, our personal impact on others can be improved.

Workshop 3 - Goal Setting & Career Planning

The process of setting goals helps us to identify precisely what we want to achieve and what we need to do in order to get there. It can give us a long-term sense of direction, a vision to work towards and

helps us to make the most of our lives.

Setting clearly defined and measurable goals in planning our careers allows us to identify the jobs that we want, which maximise our talents and skills and achieve a sense of fulfilment.

Workshop 4 - Image Visibility & Networking

Projecting an appropriate image is significant in career advancement.

Image isn’t just about the clothes we wear but the whole impression we give every day in our interactions with customers and stakeholders.

This workshop looks at what is an appropriate image for a successful woman and how once we have become visible to the people we want to influence we can fulfil our goals and aspirations whilst holding true to our personal values.

It explores the importance of having personal and professional networks in order to exchange information, resources and support.

All of the above can be run as standalone one-day modules

Influencing Skills

Influencing is the personal impact we have on others.  

Our courses explore how to improve personal impact through confidence and taking an assertive approach.

We consider how different behaviours affect an influencing situation and demonstrate practical techniques                to diffuse them in difficult circumstances.

We help individuals to identify their preferred influencing style and help them to find ways to adapt it

to meet the needs of others.

We suggest  a range of approaches that can be used in potentially challenging situations and demonstrate how         to manage them in a confident, proactive, and professional way.

Learn how to influence people at all levels up to and including Boards of Directors and Senior Leaders.

Starting up a new business can be a very challenging and stressful time but planned and implemented correctly     can lead to a successful and profitable venture.

We can help you develop your ideas into firm business plans,

providing you with the foundation start up the business.

We aim to help you gain the basic knowledge you will need and then to develop the skills necessary for            running a successful operation.

In individual three-hour sessions we will take you through subjects such as:

Business Ideas

Our Women’s Development Programme provides the tools, direction and confidence needed for women to advance their careers and also have an impact on the organisation.

The retention and advancement of talented women is a priority.

In a programme which is exclusively for women they are able to focus on their own development and challenges in a room full of people with similar issues and experiences.

They can explore their identity, strengths and weaknesses well apart from their usual context.

Importantly, the content is tailored to women.

Women’s Development

We offer a free 30 minute, no obligation, initial consultation.

Please contact us to arrange.